We offer a variety of different types of dive trips, from shore dives to boat trips, covering areas all around Puerto Rico. From spectacular wall dives to critter dives along the San Juan coast, you can experience some of the best diving Puerto Rico has to offer.


Shore Dives:

Shore diving in Puerto Rico can be as simple as a shallow shore dive right in the San Juan area, or a full day trip out to the west coast of Puerto Rico. Some of the best shore diving on the island will be to the west of San Juan, and can entail travel times of anywhere from 45 minutes to up to 2 hours. While we can readily provide transportation for dives done right in the San Juan area, transportation for trips further west will depend on the number of people we have signed up.

In the San Juan area, we have El Escambron Beach, a popular dive site for locals and dive shops. This is a shallow dive, no more than 30 feet of depth, with a sandy/rocky bottom, not a lot of coral but plenty of diver friendly marine life. A great option if you have a limited amount of time to spend or don’t want a long travel time.

Boat Dives:

We do boat trips to different coasts of Puerto Rico in order to reach some of the best dive spots on the island. Because we’ll do trips to different areas, travel times to the marinas where we leave from can be rather long. Dive trips going out to the northeastern side of Puerto Rico entail a 1 hour drive. Trips to the south coast of Puerto Rico require a drive of about 1 ½ hours, and trips to the west or southwest coast require a 2 hour drive. This is time that should be taken into consideration when planning a trip. In order for us to be able to provide transportation for these longer trips, we need to have a minimum of 3 people signed up, so if you are a solo diver or a couple, a rental car may be your best option to ensure you can get on one of our trips.